Credit unions' mortgage, loan and investment calculators are available to help you plan your current or long term financial goals. Please refer to your nearest credit union for further assistance with financial planning.

Loan Calculator
Calculate the principal and interest amount required to pay off a loan at a specified interest rate and period of time such as an automobile loan.

Lump Sum Payment Calculator
Calculate the savings in interest and time by making a lump sum payment on a loan such as an automobile loan.

Mortgage Calculator
Calculate the payment required to amortize a mortgage loan.

Projected Value Calculator
Calculate the projected value of a term deposit (e.g. RRSP) after a specific period of time.

Required Deposits Calculator
Calculate the deposit amount needed to reach a specific future sum such as a home or automobile down payment.

Youth Budget Calculator
Just like mom and dad trying to finance the house or family car, a young adult's big purchase can be made with a little financial planning. Use the "Your Money's Worth" youth budget calculator as a quick-help tool when planning your next big purchase.