Fun and affordable fall activities

Back to school (and the first snowfall of the year) got you down?

There are lots of fun and affordable things to do this fall - here are three ideas for low-cost activities!

  1. Check out the colours

Alberta gets a bad rap for having a short autumn and limited time to view the changing colours of the leaves. And although we've already seen snow this September, there's still a chance to bundle up and head to the mountains to check out the colours!

Check out the summit at Pocaterra Ridge along the Kananaskis Trail or hike the Larch Valley and Sentinel Pass west of Banff for some awesome views. Or if a trek through the mountains isn’t your cup of tea, head to Fish Creek Park in Calgary or the River Valley Parks in Edmonton and explore by foot or bike.

  1. Host a community potluck

Do you know your neighbours? Cuz I know I don’t! Life is busy and many of us never talk to our neighbours. A community potluck is a great excuse to meet up in a local park or yard and get to know the people who live right next door.
Print out a flyer with the date, time and location and stick it in mailboxes or under front doors. A quick Google search and you can find plenty of easy to make snacks and treats for sharing. 

  1. Bargain hunt at the thrift shop

In search of some indoor fun? Although spring is usually associated with cleaning, there’s nothing wrong with a fall closet clear out. Grab the sweater you no longer wear and the toys your kids don't like and head to the thrift shop.
Not only will you feel good donating stuff you don’t need, with a bit of time you can find usually find low price gems like vintage suits, designer handbags or retro kitchenware.

Although colder weather and shorter days are a drag after summer, there’s lots of budget-friendly fall activities (that don’t involve adding pumpkin spice to everything). Need advice on how to create a savings plan or want to explore different options like RRSPs or TFSAs? Visit your local credit union for some award-winning customer service. Unlike the big banks, credit unions care about your financial success, not just our bottom line – so find your local branch today.