How to become a new member

There’s a myth out there that joining a new credit union is a time-consuming, expensive and onerous process – and a worry that if you switch financial institutions you won’t have access to the same products and services you did before or that you’ll be charged higher fees. 


But we’re here to tell you none of that is true!

Signing up as a new credit union member takes minutes. It can be done in the branch quickly and easily and for many credit unions there are online sign-up options too. With us, you’ll have access to all the same products and services you get from a big bank, and often your fees will be a lot less. On top of all that, we pay YOU to bank with us. Most of the time all you need is one dollar to become a member and buy your first common share and then you can begin collecting dividends, which means more money in your pocket every year.

Credit unions are different because we put people before profits. When you join a credit union, you become a member and that means you have a say in how we invest in your community. And credit unions are truly local financial institutions – we not only support local families and businesses with our services, but we donate time and money to local charities and non-profits every year.

But don’t just take our word for it – click on the video below or here to hear from Warren Saunders, VP Retail Banking with First Calgary Financial, a division of Connect First Credit Union.



So if you’re unhappy with your current financial institution and want to try something different, find your local credit union today to learn more about how quick and easy it is to become a new member.