It’s time to Own It with a credit union.

You’ve probably said it before, when everything goes right: “I owned it.” Maybe it was after winning the big game, kicking butt in a presentation or pushing yourself to the limit at the gym. “I owned it!” It’s an expression of accomplishment, of pride, of satisfaction.


But what does owning it have to do with credit unions?

When you join a credit union, it’s not the same as any other financial institution. Credit union members are owners – you literally own a piece of the credit union. You have a vote and a say in how the business is run and money is invested locally.

But there’s more to it than that.

When you join a credit union, you’re also owning your money. You can feel good knowing that you’re doing exactly what you want with your money, whether it’s saving or investing or paying down debt. And credit unions offer award-winning customer service, so you can expect financial advice where you’re treated like a person, not just another number. Not only that, but credit unions are innovative; offering online and mobile banking experiences that are seamless and secure.

But maybe most importantly of all, when you join a credit union, you’re a part of something bigger. An institution that’s about heart and soul, not taking an arm or a leg. Credit unions are about people helping people, about giving back to the community (more than $5 million went back in 2017) and about giving back to members. In 2018, $85 million went back to members through patronage and dividends. That means money back in your pocket just for banking with a credit union. That’s what it really means to Own It.

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