The role of credit unions when natural disasters strike

By Ian Burns, President and Chief Executive Officer

There are more than
22 wildfires burning across Alberta right now – six of which are currently out of control.

And its only June. 


Severe weather is the new normal for this time of year, no matter where you live.

When a community is struck by a natural disaster, whether it be flood, fire, tornado or landslide, credit unions have an important role to play in the crisis.

Here are four ways that the system can support people in need when disaster strikes:

These natural disasters come at a cost not just to families and businesses, but to governments and taxpayers too. And as financial institutions, credit unions must continue to sensibly lend to businesses, community groups and individuals once the disaster is over in order to fund the rebuild and help jumpstart economic recovery.

The system is there for Albertans wherever they’re at in life – whether that’s a new home, new baby, or starting again after a crisis. Our hearts go out to the people across Alberta who are being impacted by wildfires and the emergency responders risking their lives right now. And once all the fires are under control, members across Alberta can rest assured that they can count on their local credit union to be there for them in their time of need.