What does it mean to be a member?


When you bank with a credit union, you’re a member – and there are more than 611,000 members across Alberta. That’s one in seven Albertans! 

But what does it mean to be a "member"? 

Don’t worry, becoming a credit union member doesn’t involve signing away your freedom with a 20 year commitment (that’s what a gym membership is for). 

When it comes to credit unions, membership has its benefits:


You are a shareholder, so you share in whatever profits are made either through cash back or enhanced product or service offerings.

Translation: yes, you read that right - being a member means money in your pocket.


You are a person, not just a number. Because credit unions are not-for-profits, delivering fantastic customer service and personalized advice is more important than increasing sales using questionable tactics. 

Translation: being a member means when you have a question, you speak to a real person who wants to help (and if you don’t; believe me, just note that credit unions have won the Ipsos® 

Best Banking Customer Service Excellence award for 13 years in a row.) 


You are an owner of the financial institution, so you have a say in how things are run and how money is invested. Credit unions primarily invest in growing local businesses and supporting the community, not making profits for multinational companies outside Canada.

Translation: being a member means investing in your community.


There are lots of benefits to being a “member” – with less requirements than your last retail loyalty card! And signing up is easy – visit your local credit union today to learn more.