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How does Alberta Central help students contribute to the world?

Jul 28, 2016

When you think about scholarship-worthy students, the qualities academic, well-rounded, and hard-workingcome to mind. Throw in some great dance moves and a commitment to making the world a better place and you will get Noel Vincent Echano, a Chemical Engineering major at the Schulich School of Engineering, who just wrapped up his first year of studies at the University of Calgary.

Vincent was one of 10 recipients of the 2015 Alberta Central Scholarship, provided to assist children of Alberta credit union employees with the cost of post-secondary studies. Vincent was a standout applicant based on his academic achievements. However, the selection committee was especially impressed with his commitment to the community; one of the seven principles that drive credit unions and other cooperative organizations.
Throughout high school, Vincent participated in fundraisers and volunteer events, all while co-leading his school dance team and shining at his part-time job. Looking beyond his own community, though, Vincent hopes his degree in chemical engineering will help him make the world a better place.
“I plan to achieve my bachelor's degree in chemical engineering, and use this to help think of cleaner and more sustainable ways to harvest and use energy, to not only provide a more prosperous future for myself and my family, but also hope to contribute in a positive way to the world through innovation and cooperation,” Vincent shared in his 2015 application.
Vincent’s ambition and community-focused nature has successfully seen him through his first year of studies.
“My first year of post-secondary was difficult, but it was definitely a fulfilling year and one where I saw the most growth in myself,” admits Vincent.
For Vincent, receiving the Alberta Central Scholarship allowed him an opportunity to become more independent, focus on his studies and adjust to post-secondary life during his first year. Beyond that, it also helped him work towards an important goal – graduating debt-free.
“For me, it was even more important that I received this scholarship because I have a goal to push myself through this degree by my own funding, so that my parents have less financial burden.”
Vincent's tips for post-secondary success:

Work ethic and time management are key! If you don’t want to be stressed, start your assignments early, strive to get as much done as you can, and try your best not to get distracted. Keep yourself motivated to work, and believe that you can do the task.

School isn’t everything! Remember to take some time away from schoolwork and homework to be around friends and family, or just chill by yourself. You do not want to be studying or doing work constantly, because you risk burning yourself out, which is not fun.
Exams aren’t the only measure of your intelligence. Don’t place so much importance on tests, because they don’t define you. Our professors and TA’s always said: ‘In four years’ time, when you graduate, employers will care less about what’s on your transcript and more about the type of person you are.’
About Alberta Central Scholarships
To learn more about the Alberta Central Scholarships and application process, please visit the Scholarships page on ABCentralNet.
Please note, only children of Alberta credit union, Alberta Central or Celero (Calgary) employees are eligible to apply for Alberta Central Scholarships.