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Servus Credit Union announces 2019 Board of Director election results

Mar 08, 2019

At the Annual General Meeting on March 6, 2019 Servus Credit Union announced the election of four members to its Board of Directors: returning incumbents Doug Bristow, Amy Corrigan and John Lamb join new director Shawn Eltom.

Full election results were:


Amy Corrigan 2,267 Derrick Olesen 1,007
John Lamb 1,821 Ken Cameron 846
Doug Bristow 1,818 Greg Krischke 787
Shawn Eltom 1,084    

The directors were elected by eligible member-owners from a slate of seven candidates. Servus is transitioning from 3-year terms to 4-year terms for all directors. In order to make the transition, for the 2018, 2019 and 2020 elections directors elected will serve varying terms. Doug Bristow, Amy Corrigan and John Lamb will serve four year terms. Shawn Eltom will serve a two year term.

Continuing their terms on the Servus Credit Union Board of Directors are: Perry Dooley, Iris Evans, Danielle Ghai, Doug Hastings, Jonathon Holt, Darcy Mykytyshyn, Simon Neigum and Matthew Protti.

The board re-elected John Lamb as Board Chair and Simon Neigum as Vice Chair at their first meeting today.

Chosen to lead committees were:

  • Audit & Finance – Doug Bristow
  • Enterprise Risk Management – Matthew Protti

  • Governance & Human Resources – Darcy Mykytyshyn

  • Nominating – Amy Corrigan

Representing Servus Credit Union on the Board of Credit Union Central of Alberta are Perry Dooley, Iris Evans and Doug Hastings.

Democratic member participation is a fundamental cooperative principle practised by Servus. Subject to eligibility criteria set out in the Alberta Credit Union Act and the Servus Credit Union bylaws, all Servus member-owners may participate in the Board election by running for the Board and voting for the candidates.